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There are three main components of most of the erectile dysfunction pumps we offer for sale online at Vitality Medico. These components include the cylinder, which the penis is inserted into; the pump, which is either motorized or manual; and the tension band, which is the ring device that fastens around the penis to keep blood from exiting the erection.

At Vitality Medico, all of our professional erectile dysfunction pumps for sale are designed using vacuum technology. The basic physics behind a penile pump for impotence simply involve inserting the penis into a cylinder and then pumping the air out of the cylinder. This effectively creates low pressure that draws blood to the penis glands to produce an erection. Each brand may operate differently, with features that affect both comfort and convenience of use.

Active Erection Rings are a natural device for alleviating erection difficulties. The medicinal silicone is non-irritant and, with gentle pressure, prevents blood from flowing back. Erection Rings made from medicinal, non-irritant silicone are a natural device for keeping the penis erect. Six differ..
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ActiveErection System Digital Vacuum Erection Device for Erectile DysfunctionNEW TECHNOLOGY! Electronically controlled for more power. Splash-proof, easier to clean. Illuminated cylinder.The Active Erection System is a medical device for achieving an erection. The pump creates a vacuum in the cylin..
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The Vitality Medico Combo Deluxe is a unique vacuum erection system, which combines a manual hand pump and battery-operated pump. The user can decide which pump to use depending the circumstances and in general, the battery pump is ideal if you are lacking in some hand dexterity because it only requ..
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The Deluxe does all the pumping for you with a simple, push-button operation. It is one of the most economically-priced automatic penis pumps available on the market. Our Deluxe pump is a medically-rated vacuum therapy system and is proven to effectively treat erectile dysfunction, commonly known as..
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VITALITY Medico DUO – 2 in 1 battery and manual powered vacuum erection systemThe VITALITY MEDICO DUO is a highly effective erection pump that uses an external vacuum therapy system to help with impotence problems. This device offers an affordable and ideal alternative to chemical and surgical proce..
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At last there is an effective solution for men who suffer with MUI (Male Urinary Incontinence), or post micturition dribble with this amazing Dribblestop penile clamp.Millions of men around the world endure urine leakage that ranges from partial or full loss of urine. This can be as a result of pros..
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DRUG FREE TREATMENT FOR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTIONVitality Medico Manual pump system developed as an effective treatment for erectile problems. This system creates a vacuum around the penis, quickly producing a satisfactory erection by drawing blood into the penis. Once a satisfactory erection has been ac..
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Our Elliptical Penis Cylinder "Wide Body" cylinder is the most anatomically correct penis cylinder on the market today. The shape of each cylinder is oval like the natural shape of your penis. We are the original maker of this exciting new cylinder and no one has copied us successfully.This cylinder..
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The Encore body shield is designed to help prevent excess scrotal tissue from entering the vacuum cylinder. It also helps to keep testicles from ascending during the erection process. The shield is placed over the penis against the body and acts as a guard between the vacuum erection device and..
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Deluxe Manual/ Battery Powered Vacuum Erection Penis Pump, Allows you to get a handle on your erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ED. Erectile dysfunction can be emotionally and financially demanding, which is why Encore provides one of the most affordable penis pumps available on the market. Th..
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Deluxe Manual Vacuum Erection Penis Pump, Allows you to get a handle on your erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ED. Erectile dysfunction can be emotionally and financially demanding, which is why Encore provides one of the most affordable penis pumps available on the market.This ..
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In most men, the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is related to decreased blood flow to the penis. This is why a number of health conditions that affect the cardiovascular system can lead to the development of ED, including diabetes and heart disease. Other medical conditions that can cause ..
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