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Vaginal Pumps

Discover unparalleled comfort and confidence in our collection of premium vaginal pumps crafted from high-quality polycarbonate. Engineered for optimal performance, our advanced devices redefine your intimate well-being journey. Empower your self-care with discreetly packaged solutions that prioritize your comfort and confidence. Elevate your experience and explore the transformative possibilities of our top-tier vaginal pumps.

Airlock Pussy Pump Airlock Pussy Pump
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Are you a bit of a pussy? Well, you don’t need balls to give our Vitality Medico Airlock Pussy Pump a try. You may be supersensitive, but trust us; you’ll love it!Crafted from top quality, durable materials, this supreme set contains a trigger pump, pipe and cylinder, all of which are neatly package..
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Vacuum suction on the pussy - labia is a total thrill for women! However, there are healthy results from this, as well! For many women the sensation enriches their sexual experience. For their partners, the sight of an engorged, richly colored labia lips is extremely arousing. Learn how to pump and ..
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The Vitality Medical Vaginal cup is designed to enlarge the labial and vaginal region. The high quality cup is shaped to fit the contours of the labial region and the edges are smooth and rounded for comfort. They are fully compatible with the Vitality Medical breast system and will easily connect t..
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