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Erection Ring Tension Bands

Penis rings are an integral part of vacuum erection device solutions. Our tension bands (sometimes called 'tension rands' or 'male enhancement rings') come from quality manufacturers of impotence and erectile dysfunction treatment products. Each of the tension bands are available in different sizes and tensions to accommodate various degrees of erectile dysfunction. Penis rings are designed to maintain an erection that you already have.

Active Erection Rings are a natural device for alleviating erection difficulties. The medicinal silicone is non-irritant and, with gentle pressure, prevents blood from flowing back. Erection Rings made from medicinal, non-irritant silicone are a natural device for keeping the penis erect. Six differ..
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The Encore body shield is designed to help prevent excess scrotal tissue from entering the vacuum cylinder. It also helps to keep testicles from ascending during the erection process. The shield is placed over the penis against the body and acts as a guard between the vacuum erection device and..
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Encore Tension Bands, also know as Penis Rings, are for men who have erectile dysfunction or impotence. These tension bands also aid patients who can achieve but not maintain an erection, or who experience premature ejaculation. The Encore tension band features a convenient three loop design. The tw..
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The EZ Tension Ring has a unique and patented design which allows it to easily fit directly onto the end of the cylinder like a lid. This creates a firm seal with the cylinder and with penile tissue which facilitates the vacuum process. This design also ensures that the scrotal tissue is not drawn i..
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Osbon ErecAid Classic Tension Rings are a natural device specifically designed to address erection difficulties. Crafted from medicinal-grade, non-irritating silicone, these rings apply gentle pressure to prevent the backflow of blood. With five different sizes, they are customizable for individual ..
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Osbon Erecaid Tension Rings, These Tension rings are medically engineered for safety, performance and comfort. The unique upper extruding bumps are positioned to press against the veins that maintain an erection. The lower urethral notch allows for ejaculation. The rings may be used individuall..
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NEW IMPROVED PAL (PENILE ADJUSTABLE LOOP) Venous Leak Controller Helps Maintain an ErectionTake the guess out of what size band to order, works with all Vacuum Erection Devices     More Durable and Grips better than previous bands?More Durable and Grips better than previous bands..
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Explore the Pos-T-Vac Mach Tension Rings, an essential element of the Erectile Dysfunction vacuum pump system. Specifically designed for use with the Erec-Tech vacuum penis pump, the Erec-Tech Mach 1 Tension Systems ensure durability and your utmost comfort. Crafted from high-quality materials, thes..
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Introducing the Ultimate Hex Tension Bands – an excellent alternative for individuals seeking improved results compared to standard tension rings. The Hex Design incorporates effective pressure points, proving highly successful for maintaining erections. Crafted from a soft, latex-free material, Hex..
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The AP-Erectionring reduces but does not stop blood flow of venous blood from the penis to the body. The quality of the erection is an augmentation of the circumference and length and a prolongation of the erection. The blood needed for the erection is maintained better and longer inside the penis (..
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