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Welcome to our medical supplies emporium, where your comfort and privacy take center stage. Delve into a world of premium products, featuring meticulously crafted urethral sounds in 316L stainless steel, polished stainless steel speculums, anal hole stretchers, and a diverse array of top-notch medical supplies.

Experience discreet packaging tailored to safeguard your personal choices. Our commitment to your privacy extends beyond products, ensuring a confidential and unobtrusive delivery. We recognize the significance of confidentiality in matters related to your medical preferences.

Emphasizing privacy, we take pride in swift service. Orders are diligently processed for dispatch on the same or next working day, ensuring a prompt delivery of your medical supplies. Your time is valuable, and we strive to make your shopping experience seamless and efficient.

Discover our curated collection of medical supplies designed to cater to your unique needs. From the precision of our stainless steel instruments to the reassurance of discreet packaging, we aim to surpass your expectations. Thank you for entrusting us as your reliable source for premium medical products.

A professional bit of kit that no medical fetish bag should be without. This stainless steel rectal speculum allows you to take a closer look inside the anus and helps to dilate to assist larger insertions by stretching the outer sphincter gently.This Mathieu rectal speculum is a medical-grade devic..
Ex Tax:£46.00
Open up wide!The Anal Hole Spreader is the perfect device for those who enjoy thrusting, cramming and pummelling large objects into their anal cavity; it also allows your partner to partake in some deep exploration! With the Anal Hole Spreader, you can slowly, safely and comfortably train your hole ..
Ex Tax:£52.00
This does exactly what it says; it will spread your ass to the extreme! Fans of gaping anal play will love this quality brushed stainless steel device. Specially designed to allow incremental opening and securing, the forcep-style handle has a locking mechanism for total afflicting control.The wide ..
Ex Tax:£78.00
Urethral sounding can be a very rewarding experience but if you’re a nervous novice you may be unsure where to start. Our Intro to Sounding Rosebud Sounds Kit is the perfect introductory kit for urethral sounding beginners. Inside the attractive leather case you’ll find six bullet-shaped tipped soun..
Ex Tax:£44.00
Spreading far and wide, the Collins Speculum is a simple to use speculum for erotic investigative medical play. A must for any medical play enthusiast! The Collins Speculum is made from lustreless surgical stainless steel with a high gloss finish. The gently rounded edges are kind to delicate skin a..
Ex Tax:£22.00
Indulge in pleasure with the Silicone Flexible Deluxe Flat-Ended Sound Kit. Crafted from body-safe BPA-free silicone, these sounds feature a flat end for easy gripping and optimal control. The kit includes 14 urethral sounds that graduate in size (4mm to 17mm diameter), allowing you to find the perf..
Ex Tax:£7.00
This is a unique speculum with XO size overview. The material is Medical grade stainless steel very stable design unlike many other sellers offering the same speculum in market with chrome plated brass our one is made up with stainless steel which is easy to clean and use. This speculum is also suit..
Ex Tax:£98.00
This Stainless steel speculum can be used anally to perform self examinations - something you may need to do after surgery for things like anal fissures. It makes it comfortable, quick and simple to check your prostate and monitor your health. The speculum can also be used to make anal douching easi..
Ex Tax:£21.00
This medical device has two rounded prongs to delve deep into their innermost areas, spreading them wide and keeping them stretched open and at your mercy. It is designed to open wide, and keep them spread without having to hold it in place. Just squeeze the handle until they reach your desired widt..
Ex Tax:£64.00
Enjoy looking deep inside your partner with this speculum. This item is used normal vaginally but can also be used to stretch the anus for maximum pleasure. This unique medical grade Miller speculum is a gynaecological device and is sure to leave you with a stretched out gaping hole. This is the mos..
Ex Tax:£41.00
Open yourself up to a whole new world of perverted possibilities, with the VitalityMedico The Hole Anal Spreader!This deviant device is designed to spread the ass and leave subs completely exposed to whatever pleasure or punishment comes their way. Indeed, the clever design of this heavy-duty anal s..
Ex Tax:£76.00
The Ultimate Anal Spreader really is the ultimate medical and anal play instrument. Made from cool and sleek, stainless steel, this anal spreader has 3 inches of insertable length that open up to a maximum width of 2 inches. There are 8 different width settings that go up ¼ inch every time you clic..
Ex Tax:£39.00
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