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Vitality Medico

This does exactly what it says; it will spread your ass to the extreme! Fans of gaping anal play will love this quality brushed stainless steel device. Specially designed to allow incremental opening and securing, the forcep-style handle has a locking mechanism for total afflicting control.The wide ..
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The EZ Tension Ring has a unique and patented design which allows it to easily fit directly onto the end of the cylinder like a lid. This creates a firm seal with the cylinder and with penile tissue which facilitates the vacuum process. This design also ensures that the scrotal tissue is not drawn i..
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What Are The Benefits of Foreskin Restoration?Restoring your foreskin will provide loose sliding skin that increases stimulation during sex for you and your partner. Your new foreskin will cover and protect the head (glans) to keep it moist and sensitive. A covered glans will de-keratinized to becom..
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Silicone Vaginal Dilators were designed by a pelvic health physical therapist and are made from a smooth, body safe, medical-grade silicone that's 100% BPA free and designed to glide into the vaginal opening for more comfortable use. Unlike any other dilator products on the market for women, they ar..
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Grow-Max Enlargement system is our new and discreet under cloth way to get the desired size you ever dreamed of. The Grow-Max Enlargement system is designed to stretch the penis with comfort while hidden in the groin allowing maximum time to stretch without fear being noticed.The package includes:Ex..
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The Grow Max is the best device in the market because it combines the benefits of direct massage, pumping and stretching for maximum penis enlargement and harder erections.HOW IT WORKS1-  Massage ActionIts mouth-like silicone grip allows a massage along the entire penis shaft, which directly st..
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Guyon Urethral Sound Kit is a special collection of urethral toys made for the most experienced users. They are to be used by those who are familiar with urethral stimulation. This is a perfect kit for all serious sounders who wish to go to the maximum level and experience truly deep and intense sti..
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Hank's Dilator Set is a great way to start stretching or to expand your collection. Like other urethral dilator sets but with a twist you don't want to miss. This set is available in twelve sizes on 6 sounds starting at 9 and going to 20 (French) but the thing that makes Hank's special is the perfec..
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Heavy Duty Hegars for Big Boys is an excellent collection of powerful urethral sounds made for all fans of deep stimulation. There are 9 sounds in the kit, but each one has ends of different sizes, so it’s like getting 18 pieces.The sounds are 8 inches long and have a slight curve. They are all made..
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The Hegar Urethral Sounds Kit is not only the most popular sound set sold but it is also a fantastic collection of sounds made for intense urethral stimulation.Hegar sounds are extremely popular for both men and women and are made to provide great sensations, so this kit will satisfy anyone looking ..
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Explore the erotic world of Urethral Stretching with the Hohnberg Urethra Stretcher and bend to its will to control your sexual pleasure limits!This 8" beauty that is made from 316L Surgical Steel starts at a diameter of approximately 9mms and gradually increases to a max diameter of just under 14mm..
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Get hooked on the Hooked 3 Step Urethral Step Stretcher and enjoy all the erotic fun it will bring to your sexual playtime! This solid 316L Surgical Steel sound measures 5 1/2 inches in length with an approximately 1-inch hook on the end.The first step starts at 6 mm in diameter, then increases to 8..
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